About Me

My name is Sheila McDonald. My background is marketing and finance. I am truly blessed with the honor to educate and train both women and men to become registered dental assistants. The name of our school is Texas Academy of Dental Assisting. My hobbies are snow boarding, biking, yoga, and learning. I love God and thank HIM not only for his grace but for loving me enough to prepare a place of eternity for me.

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

YL Member: 2185898

Favorite Oil

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My Oily Story

Hello! Welcome to YLEO Team.

After tragedy struck me personally with losing my mother and brother at an early age due to separate illnesses.... I am committed to creating a Life of Balance--the balance of mind, body, and spirit. I recognize that physical and emotional health impacts not just how long we live, but how well we live. I strongly believe that essential oils can help achieve optimal health and I am very passionate and dedicated to the mindfulness of practical strategies for wellness.

Every day is a gift. Research tells us that you can significantly lower your risk factors for the most common chronic diseases through lifestyle changes. If you want to preserve or improve your current state of wellness surround yourself with a community that offers support and encouragement. One of my many goals is to be an encourager and to help others be mindful of their choices.

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