Slique – Healthy & Fit

🍂 I’m terrible at drinking enough water… so I add a couple of drops of a favorite essential oil to my glass to keep it interesting! 🍊 #runner #drinkmorewater #selfcare #slique #healthy #essentialoils #oilyfamilies #autumn🍁 #youngliving #teamYL #YLEOTeam #magnifyJOY Young Living has an entire line dedicated to being healthy & fit!      It’s a gorgeous […]

Savvy Minerals Makeup Tutorials

Have you heard that Young Living has a natural makeup line?   The perfect addition to a wellness lifestyle. “A Savvy woman should never have to compromise quality for beauty. That’s why Savvy Minerals by Young Living™ was formulated to include only the most pristine ingredients.”  We put together a collection of quick and easy Savvy […]

Wellness Routine

What is a wellness routine? Easy ways to be healthy.

June 2017 Promo * Young Living

Hello June! What are your wellness goals? What’s on your ER order this month? I’m ordering NingXia Red ER kit and a few other favorites like RC, Thieves, Lip Balm,  White Angelica and Inner Defense – I also love Thieves COUGH drops, Cool Azul PAIN RELIEF cream, lavender shampoo, lotion.  Thieves Household Cleaner is a […]

VIDEO CLASS: Thrive this Fall – Wellness for the Season Ahead

Welcome to our VIDEO CLASS: Thrive this Fall – Wellness for the Season Ahead Fall Must Have List Let’s touch on the must haves on your list! We will talk more about Thieves, Inner Defense, Life 5, NingXia Red, Thieves Cough Drops and Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream below. SniffleEase – Formulated and pre-diluted just […]


There is never an obligation to pursue the business side of Young Living! But are you curious how it works?? How can you take something you love and turn it into an income opportunity? Join us for an informative and encouraging class where you will learn what thousands of people already know: the abundance that […]

{UPDATED} Essential Rewards – and why you will LOVE it

You will LOVE Young Living’s updated Essential Rewards program. It is optional, but unlike any other autoship program you’ve ever experienced. Watch to find out more about cheaper shipping, earning FREE oils and much more! I think of Essential Rewards as a frequent flier program to earn points towards FREE products. (The graphic at the […]

{Video Class} Essential Oils 101 – Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit with Vitality Oils!

WELCOME, Everyone! Thanks for joining Essential Oils 101! We are excited to tell you about the updated Premium Starter Kit with the vitality oils. Whether you are a newbie, seasoned oiler or just curious about all this “oily talk,” we are glad you are here! Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives […]

{Video Class} Beyond the Kit – Essential Oils 102

These are a few of our favorite Young Living products ‘Beyond the Kit!’

Essential Oils & YOUR 12 Body Systems – Science 101

Are you ready for a quick science lesson? Essential oils are AMAZING. We incorporate them into our daily routine! Here’s a quick science lesson about 12 body systems and how oils might compliment your wellness lifestyle! The systems of the body include the muscular system, skeletal system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, endocrine system, integumentary system, […]