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Hi, I'm Holly.
Dallas, Texas
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Deep Relief!
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My Oily Story

Hello! Welcome to YLEO Team.

I joined after my Mom purchased a starter kit for me. I started using lavender to sleep and it was amazing. I knew I needed to dive deeper into oils, so joined ER. I love finding diffuser and roller ball recipes. I've been using Ningxia as my "pre-workout" to help with energy. I use Ylang Ylang and Progressence Plus after the shower. I diffuse different blends every night to help calm me after my stressful drive home from work.

I went to Texas A&M for undergrad and SMU for grad school. I have found a niche doing marketing project management for entrepreneurial companies. I love going to concerts. I also enjoy cooking and baking (my sister owns a bakery so I learned from the best!). I listen to True Crime podcasts (my favorites are Truth & Justice and Undisclosed) and read mystery, thrillers and suspense novels.

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