Jessica L

About Me

Location - Olympia, Washington
YL Member: 3348352

Favorite Oils

Peppermint (It's in the Premium Starter Kit!)
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My Oily Story

Hello! Welcome to YLEO Team. I'm Jessica L. I'm a wife and mom. I enjoy volunteering at church and school.

I have been interested in alternative medicine, nutrition, and health and wellness as long as I can remember. After losing my dad to a rare and aggressive cancer in 2012, my interest began to change to a passion. I began to learn more about the harmful western diet and became more focused on whole real food for my family. I also wanted to remove toxins from my household and began researching non-toxic products which often use essential oils. I first heard of one of YL's competitors but in researching it, I came across YL and ultimately decided Young Living Essential Oils are what I want to use for my essential oil needs! I'm very excited about the benefits of therapeutic grade YL essential oils!

Want more details about the Premium Starter Kit? Click here! Remember to select WHOLESALE MEMBER when you order!

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