There is never an obligation to pursue the business side of Young Living! But are you curious how it works??

How can you take something you love and turn it into an income opportunity?

Join us for an informative and encouraging class where you will learn what thousands of people already know: the abundance that Young Living has to offer! Keep reading! (Videos below!)

#1 Introduction

Welcome! Thank you for joining us! We are excited to share with you the opportunity that Young Living offers, financially and beyond!

Let’s begin by introducing yourself! Share with us where you live and how long you have been with Young Living… Are you a shiny new member? Loving your oils for a while now and curious about how this whole opportunity works? Or maybe you aren’t a member yet and want to peek under the hood? Whatever your place in this journey, we are so glad you are here!


#2 Goals

Did you know… Every Young Living business builder has a solid foundation? It’s true, each of us has of a vision for WHY we are in this industry. That foundation has stood the test of time, and we want to give you the same advantage… (I didn’t originally have a WHY or even plan on “doing the business” so don’t worry…)

We will dive into the “how” of this awesome opportunity soon, but first let’s talk goals! Ask yourself why you want to start sharing Young Living with the world.

You will be making this world a better place and how great is that?! But what do YOU need/want, and how can you leverage this company to reach your goals? Share your goals with us!

Don’t overlook this step. It’s crucial!



#3 Income Potential

Now for the good stuff! Money!

This income disclosure is not based on theoretical numbers, but ACTUAL incomes from REAL Young Living members. Yep, and many of us right in your back yard!

We aren’t trained upper-management business leaders. Nope, we are moms and dads, looking to give our families the best we can.

As you can see from my video earlier this evening, financial abundance is real! It can be a reality for you too, but first you need to learn how it works. And that’s where we come in! We are here to support you, and we love what we do.

As you look at the income disclosure, share with us a rank that you would like to reach! Check out the income disclosure here – www.YoungLiving.com/IDS



#4 Your Investment

Did you know when you decide to start sharing Young Living intentionally, you are the owner of your very own small business? All of us are small business owners, and that’s a wonderful thing!

To start a small business, of course an investment is required. And we have great news for you… If you are a Young Living member, you have already made the most important investment!

The very same month you purchase your Starter Kit, you are ready to share and earn money! Isn’t Young Living wonderful?? They make it so easy.

If you are a Young Living member, have you already started sharing? Isn’t it easy to do when you talk about something you LOVE?


#5 Terms & Definitions

Give these terms & definitions a look! These will answer your questions about all those acronyms you’ve been seeing.

Do you have a question about the terms & definitions? Ask here!


#6 Essential Rewards


You love your oils. That’s why you want to share them with the world! So Essential Rewards makes a whole lot of good sense.

ER is a spectacular program for people who order essential oils & products on a regular basis. You get:

-Rewarded for your loyalty with gifts at months 3, 6, 9 and 12
-Reduced shipping
-Points back toward free products
-Extra promotional products

AND this is the way to ensure you will qualify for ALL commissions! Woot!

How long have you been enrolled in Essential Rewards??

Watch the below video to learn more!
https://youtu.be/aoV-kTedLYM (3:13)



#7 Four Ways to Earn

Here we go!! We are about to jump in the GOOD STUFF. Today we will cover the FOUR initial ways you can earn money with Young Living, with more fun-packed videos for each 😀

Note the PV requirements for each category.

Hold onto your seat. It’s about to get fun!


#8 Start Living & Fast Start Bonuses

To quote “Driven For Success” by Jake Dempsey, “The Start Living Bonus is Young Living’s way of saying thank you for introducing a new person to their products.”

The Start Living bonus is a one-time $25 bonus paid to the enroller of the new member as long as the new member purchases a Premium Starter Kit in the same month their account was activated.

The Fast Start Bonus is an enroller-based bonus that pays YOU, the enroller, 25% of the new enrollments’ PV for the first three months of their membership. Yes, 25%! Young Living not only encourages you to empower and support your enrollments, but they reward you generously for doing so.

Watch Cindy explain it more in the below video:
https://youtu.be/PPmMrpB_MiU (1:49)



#9 Rising Star Bonus

Time for pizza!

This is the point when a lot of people scratch their heads, and say “huh?”, but HANG ON, this bonus is worth it!

With the Rising Star bonus, Young living is setting you up for long-term success, big time!

If you want to grow in network marketing, you have to understand compounding by way of duplication. THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS.

Compounding is the difference between having a team of 25 or 4,096 after one year of sharing! Because you are teaching your new members simple and effective strategies, they are duplicating and your team growth is exploding.

The Rising Star Bonus is the only bonus tied to you being a part of Young Living’s Essential Rewards program.

Watch Cindy Campbell share more about it in this video:


#10 Unilevel

Unilevel Commission is a sponsor-based commission and you must have 100 pv to qualify. When looking at your team, you are visually looking at the sponsor lineage of your team.

This is where the power of network marketing takes off: after your initial effort of sharing YL with a friend, your friend does the same, and their friend does the same (Because why not! This company and this product are life changing!). You didn’t enroll the people on your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th levels, but you get paid for their purchases!

And now you have the answer for when someone asks you, “How on earth did you get 1,000 members on your team??” #MLMbaby #truestory

Share with us what caused you to enroll with Young Living! (compliantly, pretty please)

Watch me explain Unilevel and our team more in this video:


#11 Rank Qualifications

Remember, a leg is someone on your team with 100 pv who also has volume from people on their team. You don’t need to worry about legs until you qualify for executive and above.

You might be thinking, like I did when I started, “How on earth am I going to get a leg??” “How is that leg going to grow??”

And this is the answer: IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME. When you share your story with excitement to your circle of friends and family, before you know it, you will have your first beautiful, new member. And another. And another.

Then you start sharing with strangers in conversation because they ask you what you do. Just say, “I do oils!” and let the conversation flow naturally. It will happen, and it is so fun!

And when it does happen, we are here to answer your questions, give you training and encouragement! We are your biggest fans and cheerleaders, because we are fully behind Young Living’s vision to get essential oils into every home in the world!

Can you think of people who need oils in their life?


#12 Elite Express

Ready to hit the ground running?? Young Living will reward you for your tenacity!

If you achieve Executive three months after you achieve Star, you will receive:
-The Seed to Seal® collection, featuring an Aria™ Diffuser
-5-ml bottles of Peppermint, Idaho Blue Spruce, and Ylang Ylang essential oils
-Young Living-branded padfolio. Retail Value: $424 USD*
And that’s just the FIRST level! It goes all the way to over a $4,200 reward! 😮

Check out the rest of this awesome program here!

Are you a mover and a shaker or more of a wait-and-see’r?

*Approximate value. Actual value may vary based on region.


#13 Next Steps

Once you decide this thing is for you, LET SOMEONE KNOW! There is an entire community of support, education, resources and cheerleaders just for you! YOU CAN DO THIS!

We will come alongside you and help you:

-Discover YOUR unique path in this business
-Develop clear, achievable goals
-Connect with tools and training so you can share compliantly and effectively

We will give you tried and true actionable steps so you can begin your own empowering journey of changing the world… One family at a time

All you need to do is reach out to the person who invited you to this event to get started. We believe in you and are ready to set you up for tremendous success!

Who introduced you to Young Living? Share their name below and something you appreciate about them!



We are honored you joined us to learn about the opportunity Young Living has to offer. Thank you again for being a part of the fun!

What’s your learning style? Your choice! Watch this video class about the income opportunity taught by Crystal and Lori or browse the graphics and info above for similar information! Thanks ladies for the awesome videos.


Ready to learn more? Talk to the person that shared this class with you.


Don’t have your oils yet? We’d love to support you on your oily journey of wellness, purpose AND abundance. www.YLEOTeam.com/order