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Our family started our “oily journey” 4 years ago (on Valentine’s Day!) ❤️ BEST decision ever. Now we have an awesome wellness routine and use oils for so many things in our daily lives. Visiting the lavender farm was an amazing experience.  We started with the Premium Starter Kit (and you should too) I love deals and getting the best value – The Premium Starter Kit is an extraordinary value that offers the best introduction to the power of essential oils, it is the perfect option for those who are serious about transforming their lives (and want to get the best value!)

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The Premium Starter Kit is the BEST way to start your oily journey!

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Check out this Essential Oils 101 – Embracing Wellness Video Class

{20 minute VIDEO CLASS – Essential Oils Basics!} Exciting news – Young Living has even more starter options since I made this video – you’ll be able to pick the specific kit that works for you when you order! This video will give you a preview – feel free to add any extra oils to your order if you see one you love that isn’t in the kit you choose. 


The Premium Starter Kit is by far the best value. Note there is a basic starter kit, but it only has ONE bottle of oil. Honestly, I would NOT recommend it- I want you to get the most bang for your buck. Instead I would recommend that you save your money for a couple of weeks or months and then invest in the Premium Starter Kit. You won’t be disappointed! It will be worth the wait. I understand budget believe me. But now, I have seen the positive changes in our life and that is WELL WORTH IT. I wish we would have started our oily journey soon! (Ask if you want to know how to get your kit paid for!)


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Embrace Wellness 2020 - Young Living Starter Kit

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