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Hi I'm Teresa. I'm a wife, mom of two and work for the state of Texas. My job is to write conservation plans for commercial poultry facilities, and I LOVE it!
Education: Texas A&M University
Location: Buffalo, TX
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My Oily Story

Hello! Welcome to YLEO Team.

The fall of 2015 is when I first considered oils. I've had so many friends use them and comment about them, but never really had the courage to look for information. That winter our family needed a change to focus on wellness. My husband and I talked about it, and he said 'If it keeps our family healthy, go for it!' So I did. January 2016 I took a poll of my Facebook friends as to who used oils and what brand they suggested. Every one of my friends that commented said Young Living. If that many friends suggested it, then it must be good! I remember the day I really fell in love with oils... one night before bed I applied R.C. on my daughter's chest and back - it's great for the respiratory system. The next morning, she was as happy as can be! My husband was still skeptical though. One evening, nothing was going his way. I suggested some Stress Away and to sit down for a little bit. Thirty minutes later, he was a believer! We now have diffusers in the kid's rooms, our room, and I have one in my office.

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