Young Living just launched a new, safe and beautiful makeup line!! And…..
A precious little baby line (Seedlings) with diaper rash cream, wipes (can double as makeup remover wipes!), baby oil, linen spray, baby lotion, and more!!! 👶 

New supplements…. an amino acid (Aminowise)…a wolfberry lemonade flavor and another for calcium supplementation!! SuperCal Plus! 💪

A safe DEET-free “Insect Repellant” with clinical trials showing 30% more efficacy compared to other “natural” insect repellents…. 🐜 

Sunscreen!!!!! Yes, SUNSCREEN! ☀️

“After Sun Spray” that’s for sunburn and pain and itchy skin! 😡

New diffuser (ahhhh!) that’s so pretty. Has a 10 hour run time!

Makeup line – safe for your skin!!! Savvy Minerals by Young Living! 💄💃

Who’s so excited to experience these new products from Young Living? I can’t wait!! ❤ #ylconvention #oilyfamilies
Savvy Minerals Makeup by Young Living All Natural